The Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway follows the Fox and Lower Wisconsin Rivers, across the state of Wisconsin, from the bay of Green Bay to the Mississippi River.

Take a moment. Notice our history flowing by. Think river thoughts … and reflect upon this amazing place. The Parkway is an integral part of our nation’s history. Native Americans traveled this essential trade route for centuries. These rivers helped open the west to European settlement, nurtured giants in architecture, history, and environmental studies. Because of our rivers, we built the largest concentration of pulp and paper mills in the world, continue to navigate today via one of the only surviving hand-operated lock systems in the country–and we are still making history.

Come and explore the places and people that make up this unique region. Browse our growing list of Parkway destinations and trails, uncovering the history behind them. Whether you want to experience what life was like as a fur trader, learn the art of papermaking, paddle the sparkling waters of the Wisconsin River or spend a day visiting the unique shops and cafes of our riverside communities—there is something here for you! Once you experience our treasures and our stories, we know you will want to help preserve them for today and for future generations by adding your name to our growing membership roster.

About Us

Since 2009, the Parkway has worked to preserve, promote and celebrate the heritage of our rivers. The Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway is both a place and a concept. As a place, it offers abundant natural and historic resources. As a concept, the Parkway is a partnership through which residents, businesses, organizations, and municipalities work together to create vibrant, economically sustainable riverfront communities, while remembering and celebrating their shared history.

The first goal of the Fox-Wisconsin Heritage Parkway is to draw attention to the beauty and rich history of the Fox and Lower Wisconsin rivers so more local residents enjoy their river and have even more reasons to feel proud of this place we call home. The second goal is to draw visitors to the communities along the waterway, and offer them enough reasons to extend their stay, as well as return, so that we add benefit from increased tourism and subsequent business development. Learn more…

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